2012 has been an interesting year for jailbreaking. In this year we've seen the jailbreaking scene slowdown due to the lack of a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 or other devices on iOS 6, but we've also seen a lot of innovative and unique tweak ideas. The below list was not compiled by me, and does not necessarily reflect my opinions. I added links to the respective CL thread for the tweaks that have been posted on CL, and the rest contain a link to the iDB page.

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Here is our complete list of top jailbreak tweaks for 2012 (in no particular order). We understand that perhaps we omitted your favorite jailbreak tweak. Thats not to say that other tweaks arent worthy enough to make this list, but a lot of factors were considered here, and to be honest, there were so many tweaks released in 2012, that we may have left off one or two by accident. Still, if youre new to jailbreaking, or you havent kept up with it like you should, this list is a fine start to get your going.

  • Blutrol - Use the iCade arcade cabinet with unsupported games
  • Aero - Allows you to switch apps with style
  • AnimateAll - Animate the Lock screen, Home screen, Notification center
  • Ayecon - Simply the best jailbreak theme ever
  • CameraTweak - The most robust camera tweak to ever grace Cydia
  • Dash - Provides you with a full screen app switcher
  • Dashboard X - Finally, adds real working widgets to iOS
  • Deck - Access a plethora of system functions via a handy hotbar
  • Emblem - OS X inspired notifications on iOS
  • FoldMusic - Adds music directly to Home screen folders
  • WeeRoll - Adds over a dozen animations to Notification Center
  • Hands-Free Control - Control Siri with no hands
  • Merge - Combines iMessages by contact
  • Motion - Add crazy animated havoc to Home screen icons
  • Neurotech Siri - One of the best looking themes for Siri
  • NowNow - Use Siri to invoke Google voice search
  • Octopus Keyboard - The BlackBerry 10 inspired keyboard
  • PaperLock - Another cool slide to unlock modification
  • Quasar - Run multiple apps side by side
  • Stride - Unlock your phone using 8-bit drawings
  • SwipeBack - Easily navigate backwards with a swipe
  • SwipeSelection - How text editing on the iPhone should be
  • Unfold - Unlock your iPhone accordion style
  • AssistantLove - Use Siri to play music with Spotify
  • Auxo - iDBs 2012 Tweak of the Year