Okay, so there is a belief that if you jailbreak your system on the latest update, you will get banned with immediate connection to PSN. This is true yes


You turn off your auto sign in obefore installing your jailbreak. Install your jailbreak, then downgrade using an E3 Flasher or a Dongle. Put your system on GeoHot v3.55 jailbreak, install all your package files, then move on to your dns settings and run the DNS bypass settings (idk who made the bypassy) This will make you connect to the internet and psn, but trick the system into thinking you're on the latest update, still allowing you to connect. When you do this, it will also tell all your friends that you aren't online but still allows your jailbreak to run.

Just wanted to clear this up. I learned it from Jhoto at http://www.Se7enSins.com