Coder Xcution is showing off homebrew tests like the image above, and now another hacker named Neimod claims to have full control of the system in kernel mode with an unmodified 3DS and an exploit that uses a specific retail game.

While he says this exploit could be easily patched, Neimod notes that with full kernel control, anything is possible, including circumventing the 3DSs pesky region lock. He adds that he has no interest in allowing others to use the hack to load pirated software.

[07:51:56] [@neimod] full control of the 3ds in kernel mode (arm9 & arm11) from an unmodified 3ds :]
[07:53:03] [EdTheNerd] HHNNNNGGGGG
[07:53:05] [@neimod] the sky is the limit!
[07:53:17] [EdTheNerd] Gib romz plox
[07:53:50] [@neimod] in theory its possible
[07:53:52] [EdTheNerd] Now then, make it do somethig cool, while displaying GBA TEMP BLOWS somewhere on the screen
[07:54:04] [EdTheNerd] Then enjoy the show
[07:54:36] [EdTheNerd] neimod: in theory its possible
[07:55:02] [EdTheNerd] T-10 seconds before gbatemp quotes that and pisses itself like an excited dog
[07:55:59] [jse] nice work neimod
[07:56:02] [jse] congrats
[07:57:34] [@neimod] unfortunately, we are elitist bastards who never share anything, so kiss that warez loader goodbye
[07:58:01] [EdTheNerd] So not to try to pry to much info here, but is this something you need a specific game/app for?
[07:58:31] [EdTheNerd] Should i by buying all of the eshop now?
[07:58:35] [@neimod] its based on a specific card-based game
[07:58:39] [EdTheNerd] Nice
[07:58:58] [EdTheNerd] How patchable would you say this is?
[07:59:06] [@neimod] very easily
[07:59:12] [EdTheNerd]
[07:59:41] [EdTheNerd] Still, amazeing work as always
[07:59:46] [EdTheNerd] Congrats!
[08:00:10] [@yellows8] SD version can be used too but ofc one has to run code first for that.
[08:00:19] [EdTheNerd] Now take careof that pesky region lock!
[08:00:33] [EdTheNerd] Could such a thing be posible with this now?
[08:01:55] [@neimod] yes, with full kernel control anything is possible