1.) Connect your controller to your computer. (For ps3 connect it to your computer with the chagrining cable) (For 360.. Idk lol I think you need the controller to be wired or have to have Bluetooth on your computer)
2.) Make sure it install all the driver and stuff.
3.) Download MotioninJoy http://www.motioninjoy.com/download (Version 0.6.0005)
4.) Run it.
5.) Make sure your controller is connected.
6.) Click on Driver Manger and hit Load Driver Once you see your controller ( Rev_0100)
7.) Then go to the main page and click Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. (Most games are compatible with the 360 controller but not the ps3. Don't worry it will work the same)
8.) Then click Enable
9.) Open waw and enable console
10.) open console with ~ (its below the esc button)
11.) Type this exec default_controller.cfg (To change Sensitivity type in input_viewSensitivity and a number 1-5)
12.) Working on zombies. Idk About multilayer

This should work with other games/emulators