Among the product announcements Griffen made at the CES 2013 show is this ultimate charging station that Id definitely make good use of, the PowerDock 5. As the name implies, the main advantage is its design which makes possible charging of up to five iPhones, iPods or iPads at once, an indispensable feature for families that mostly use Apples mobile products (I know, filthy rich people).

Each of its five charging bays conveniently has a 10-watt, 2.1-amp power supply so you can store and charge, say, five power-hungry, full-size third and fourth generation iPads simultaneously. As if that werent enough, the badass accessory even accommodates your iPads in their cases. What more could you ask from a charging station?

Not only does the new PowerDock charge up to five devices at once, it also saves space for your countertop due to its small footprint. To give you a sense of this, it takes up only about as much room on your countertop as a single iPad.

Heres what the back looks like.

The PowerDock 5 works with the iPhone 3G and later, all iPads including the iPad mini, all iPod touches except for the original model, fourth-gen iPod nano and up, the iPod with video and both 2007 iPod classic models.

But how do they take into account the differences in charging profiles?

Heres from Griffin:

All mobile devices have specific charging profiles that dictate how much, and how quickly, they can charge. Most chargers are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach which typically does not support the requirements of each individual device.

Griffins new ChargeSensor technology senses the requirements of any device plugged into it, providing optimal charging for all USB-chargeable devices.
The PowerDock 5 also has an illuminated power status light on the front and, when not in use, it keeps all the cables tucked away and organized.

The only deal breaker could be its $100 price point, but if youre ready to take the plunge, check out Griffins web store. The PowerDock 5 ships in Sprint 2013.

Bear in mind youll have to supply your own cables.

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