There have been a lot of Bluetooth “finding” gadgets at CES. From the release of the Stick-n-find for anything and the Kensington fob for other things, Bluetooth 4.0 has made location based devices easier to make and power. Hipkey is like these other two options, but is designed to make sure you and your iPhone don’t get too far away from each other.

The Hipkey is meant to go on your keyring or similar thing that is on you all the time and then you pair it with your iPhone. So the Hipkey can then be set to go off with different alarms depending on what you need it to do.

The obvious one is if you leave your iPhone somewhere (like a bar) the Hipkey will start buzzing when you’re farther than a certain distance away. If you’re like me and my iPhone and key are often separated from each other while I’m at home (and farther apart than I’d like if I’m out), Hipkey lets you set “safe zones” where the two devices can be farther apart and that’s ok.

Hipkey also works in reverse with the companion app. You can have your phone alert you if the Hipkey is farther away from your phone than you’d like or moves and it shouldn’t (like a bag). This is good for bags and kids in the park (creepy, but if you’ve ever had your child disappear from sight in a mall or park…).

From the MacRumors post it sounds like it the Kensington device is the closest comparison to Hipkey. I’d like to see both close up to see which might work better. I might not have to wait long either. The Hipkey is due at the Apple Store (online and physical) later this month and retails for $90.