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Installing @Bounty mod for DayZ:

Step A: Download the installer HERE.

Step B: Run the installer. On the first page, you'll be asked for the path to your Arma2OA install. Click on Browse, and navigate to your Arma2: Operation Arrowhead folder (the folder that has Arma2OA.exe in it).

Step C: Navigate to your Arma2: Operation Arrowhead folder, and you'll see some .bat and .cmd files there. If you use Steam: Double click on bounty_game_steam.cmd to launch @Bounty. If you use Combined Operations (no Steam): Double click on bounty_game_beta.bat to launch @Bounty.

Step D: The game will now launch and load. Once you reach the main menu, ensure the profile you want is selected. Click on Multiplayer to access the server browser.

Step E: Filter the servers out by clicking 'Filter.' Under host, type 'Bounty', and ensure the max ping on the server is set to '0'. Click 'Okay' and wait for the Bounty Severs to appear.

Step F: Bounty servers, if online, should appear within 20 seconds (normally in 3 seconds or less). If you don't see them, make sure your filters are set properly, and check our forums to make sure the server is online.

IF YOU RECEIVE ERRORS: This *is* a beta, after all, so you may encounter errors when launching the game. If you receive errors relating to not being able to connect, try a second time. If the issue persists, start the game with bounty_beta.bat or bounty_beta_windowed.bat (_windowed launches the game in windowed mode). If you still encounter errors, repeat steps A through E - and if that doesn't work, contact support and we'll be happy to help!

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