Commercial Package ($1)
Requires iOS 5 or higher

Add The TextToSpeech functionality ,built into your Keyboard
hear letters,words,or sentences as you type them.

Three different speech modes:

Spelling Mode:
Mainly for for educational purposes

Chat Mode:
Great for Social apps like SMS,Facebook,WhatsApp,etc,
as you can hear what you typing in real time.
It adds another layer of functionality to your typing experience.

Conversation Mode:
Similar to Chat Mode ,with this mode,you can simulates almost real talking experience when using social apps.
also it's handy for tutorials, where you don't want to use your voice.

There is not screenshot for this tweak
configure options from settings

Version: 1.1
*Speech is now determinant by the keyboard and not by the interface language,meaning you can open a keyboard and start speaking without the need to change the interface.
*Added "Speech Type" option for some languages.
* Added option to turn on/off the speech,and to select a "speech mode" from the keyboard,by swiping from the "space" key to the "globe/international" key.