I know this is way off the gaming subject, but I had to share. So since I am here in France and not reallyh working I still like to get under the hood of some cars over here. Problem is there was no real database to go by. So I called up a friend in the US and he sent me the newest version of Alldata discs. Normally you work need a usb key to get it working, but I was able to find a crack that worked. You may be able to find older versions online but this so far is the newest one that has a working crack.
I know Mechanic's are expensive and most work can be done by yourself, some of you are starting to drive and this software should help you out alot.There are alot of discs, so I say load up Alldata first then choose your car, and which ever disk it tells you to put in the drive just download that one. Because there are like 48 disc's.(confused)
So if you dont know what Alldata is:

Alldata 10.50 Install.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?vcima8f7f45z5bg

Alldata 10.50 Domestic.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?rzg97x2rutyc3fc

Alldata 10.50 Import.rar http://www.mediafire.com/?g19fk75ib0roday

Turn off internet- mount install disk and install - then install updates, starting with the oldest one. when your finished, copy ACE.exe file from cracked folder to the ALLDATAW folder in your C: and use that ACE.exe to start the program. Enjoy!!