Lately I guess you can say the community's been on a kind of non-jailbreak kick. With that in mind, check out this awesome looking theme on your iPhone 5 you can get without jailbreaking. The theme is called Black Orbs, and it features 31 different app icons that link to some of the more popular apps on the iPhone.

Obviously, since we have no iPhone 5 jailbreak yet, some compromises had to be made. Unlike WinterBoard, you can’t outright replace the look of an app icon with that of another. Instead, the developer of Black Orbs strategically used web clips and an easy to install profile to pull it off. It’s certainly not the perfect solution for a true iPhone 5 theme, but you have to admire the work here. Take a look at the video which shows you how to install Black Orbs on your iPhone 5.

You can download and install the theme using this link. The black wallpaper can be grabbed here.

It’s as easy as installing the profile from the link above. You don’t need to manually link or make any icons, it’s all automatically done for you.

Combine this tutorial with the tutorial to hide system apps without a jailbreak and this theme is very nice.