Anyone wanna help recreate this? i have a twist to it, but i got it laid out

its terrorist vs counter terrorist

there are 2 spys chosen, but one of them is a "fake" spy

spy has 15 hp and dies from ANY jump

once the spy dies, round restarts
"fake" spy has 200 hp and have no ammo

if the player kills the "fake" spy, then that player must kill the real spy

"the spy can only kill the one that needs to be killed(basically were gonna need the script from Roll the dice)

spy has m16 with SCOG & cz75 silencer

"fake" spy has m16 reflex and a random gun script of cz75 and m1911

all other players have a m16 red-dot and m1911 dw

players must kill spy to win

also, the spy only has ammo in it's cz75, so thats how you can tell its the spy

add me on skype and we can start it if you wanna help