Youve probably seen captioned photos floating around Facebook and Tumblr, and thought youd try your hand at making some of your own. The problem with making typography look good over a photo is it takes a bit of effort and design sense, so its not for everybody. Until now.

Quipio is a recently released app that allows users to make their own captions for their photos. If you just have some idea youd like to share, Quipio can also take up to 400 characters of text and append it to a picture with several font effects in a matter of seconds.

Depending on the number of characters you use or the optional emphasis you add to certain words, you will have different choices for art styles that will work with your quote. Weve found that the most dynamic looking styles go along with short quotes with two points of emphasis, but you can experiment and find what you think works best for you. Theres even the option of searching for background images on the web after youve set a quote in place, which we think is a nice touch.

Beyond the background photo filters, adding emphasis, and style selection options, Quipio doesnt give you a lot of fine control over the end product. I would have liked to see an option for dragging the text around, as not all the quotes look good right in the middle of a picture. That said, there is a tool for swapping text colors in a kite-shaped button on the Select Design screen, which is very much appreciated.

As you would expect, there are the requisite sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, and the photo library, as well as Quipios own network. Given the nature of the app, it's surprising to see that Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest aren't included on the list.

Quipio is a free app, available in the iTunes App Store. Quipio is built for the iPhone and iPod touch and supports iOS 5.X and up.

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