Back in December, I posted a thread about a bug in Safari that caused Javascript to be enabled even if you disabled it. The App Smart Banner feature caused this re-enabling of Javascript. Apple added the feature in iOS 6 as a way to help developers promote their apps and provide users with a direct link to download them.

With yesterday's release of iOS 6 comes the news that this bug has been patched.

From Apples About the security content of iOS 6.1 Software Update page:

Impact: JavaScript may be enabled in Mobile Safari without user interaction

Description: If a user disabled JavaScript in Safari Preferences, visiting a site which displayed a Smart App Banner would re-enable JavaScript without warning the user. This issue was addressed by not enabling JavaScript when visiting a site with a Smart App Banner.
From iDownloadBlog:

Credit for the discovery of the JavaScript bug goes to Andrew Plotkin of Zarfhome Software Consulting, Ben Madison of BitCloud, and Marek Durcek. As you may recall, Plotkin posted about the issue on his Google+ page last October.
iOS 6.1 fixed a number of other bugs as well, including one involving memory corruption in Webkit, and a kernel exploit discovered by known iOS hacker Mark Dowd that could allow a user to access the first page of kernel memory. iOS 6.1 also added new features like using Siri to buy tickets through Fandango, and better LTE support.

Thanks to iDownloadBlog for the information.