So this game... this fucking awesome game. well heres what we know so far

this game will Launch on September 17th 2013, It will feature a 4v4 multiplayer which has 3 game modes. 2 of which are confirmed to be Warzone and Geurilla warfare. Its a safe assumption the other is Operations from Killzone 3

The games singleplayer will feature 9 missions each supposedly around an hour long. It will take place during the other killzone games including the second mission has you contracted by the ISA to be an early attack on the beachead you take over just hours later in killzone 2

everytime you kill someone you get money for the kill you can than spend this money in both single player and online for better weapons the money account is shared between the same modes.

in multiplayer every time you die you drop a card that has a greater value depending on the rank of the player you are.