Now last night I was in a game with Dan Seamans (carbonfibah on XBL) and the team we had were asking him many questions, the majoity he was legally not allowed to answer, but there was some that he did manage to be not to cryptic about. By that I mean he generally didnt give an answer at first but let us talk about it first to hear out opinions on what we thought. So some things I asked was:
"how exactly does the ranking system work?"
His response was short, because another lobby member jumped in on his opinion, saying "its gotta be Kill Down!" Carbon replied "Yeah your probably right I think thats it!" So even though the community has accepted the fact that the majority of the ranking system is based on Kill Down, at least now we have a sort of closure on the matter.
"Why did I get persistant jug, and then lose it like the next game?"
Again, he was short and to the point, this time not so cryptic about the matter, bluntly saying "They put that in for the players who needed a little help, and I think, I THINK, it should go away if you make it past a certain round." This explains why jugg requires you to go down to aquire it. And why so many people are having trouble with keeping it.
"Is Who's Who a remake of Tombstone and will we see tombstone again?"
He said this: "Oh man what do you guys think of who's who? I'm not sure about Tombstone being seen again, it could be back, but I dont know. Yes it is a replacement for Tombstone in Die Rise." Awesome! I love Who's Who personally, its my favoirte perk. Never worry about losing on Solo anymore haha!!!
This next one is about a glitch we talked about in the audio; When you are spectacating and someone uses Whos Who, the Whos Who song replays over annd over and over and over and over and over and over again until the game ends. I personally love it its so catchy haha.
"So now that we told you about this bug, please dont fix it!!"
"Ill see what I can do."
"Is PHD Flopper a troll by you guys?"
I think it is because after laughing for almost a solod minute, he replies "Im so sorry, but I cant answer that!"
"Who's Who doesnt even sound like a drink, why is it called that?"
"I guess Jimmy liked it, but when everyone was submitting names for it, I came up with a name Astral-Ade. You know because Astral means out of body expierence (whos who main idea) and Ade like a gatorade, because it fuels your body for a sport or something?"
THIS. IS. AMAZING. My favorite thing from that game by far. I wish it would have been called that; thats such a raw name.!!
Alot of the game it wasnt US asking him questions, he asked us how we liked Zombies. I told him who ever invented TombStone and Whos Who needed a high five from me, so someones day will be a little brighter on Monday morning!! Also, I did my best to not just put my personal opinions in, but everything I have accumulated from the community forums. I made sure that I didnt just tell him things I wanted but what I felt you guys liked as a group. So, without further speculation, Im gonna go play some Zombies!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed my info, and sorry if some was old you all know how it is with information on this game anymore!!!