After EA acquired Firemint Studios and merged it with Iron Monkeys to form Firemonkeys, we havent seen any new games coming from the new studio. Well, that is all about to change this February 28th. Firemonkeys has just announced that their latest title, Real Racing 3, will be arriving on iOS and Android on February 28th.

Real Racing is one of the best games available on iOS, featuring the latest in mobile gaming tech and beautiful graphics. It was in August last year that Firemonkeys first announced that theyre developing Real Racing 3.

The first Real Racing game was pretty good, but Real Racing 2 was much better and offered a lot more. You got full 1080p streaming on the iPad 2, it was the first game to fully utilize the hardware on the iPhone 4S and it had amazing graphics. The trailer for Real Racing 3 shows how much more improvement has been done on the graphics and gameplay. It actually looks like a console game now. To make things even better, Firemonkeys is releasing this game for free.

Real Racing 3 will include 46 different cars spread across three classes, real world race tracks and over 900 events. Thats a lot of gaming and its all for free. Heres what Firemonkeys had to say:
Today we announced Real Racing 3 will be free. And yes, Real Racing 3 was designed from the ground up to be a free to play experience. We are so excited about this game and wanted it to be accessible to everyone so we didnt want there to be any barriers to entry. This accessibility is also what drives the awesome new Time Shifted Multiplayer feature, in that you can play competitive multiplayer with anyone any time, and they dont need to be online with you at the same time.
And thats not it. Theyve also promised that new content will be added to the game for free. Its pretty cool that EA and Firemonkeys is releasing this game for free, because its a huge game. Real Racing 3 will be available for iOS and Android on February 28th. Are you looking forward to playing it?