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    Default [Review] ThanksKilling

    Sooo... Where to start with this movie...


    When a dog stops to pee in the woods, she has
    no idea that her urine will unleash a demonic
    force that vengeful Indians cursed into a
    Turkeys form. Soon the demonic bird known as
    “Turkie” is back to its old tricks.

    On their way
    home for the Thanksgiving holiday, a group
    of college students crammed into a Jeep
    experience car troubles and are forced to spend
    the night. As luck (or the script) would have it,
    their makeshift campsite is in the same area that
    the demonic dinner has been resurrected from
    the grave. Soon the body count rises as Turkie
    stalks his victims.

    As you can gather from the synopsis,
    Thankskilling is a horror comedy, filmed by a
    pair of college friends on a $3,500 budget.
    Don’t let that rule the movie out for you if you
    have that twisted sense of comedy that
    many horror fans possess.

    The box art brags of
    boobs, raunchy humor and deems Thankskilling
    a best worst movie but in truth, it is a bit better
    than that. Sure there are boobs in the first
    minute, pilgrim boobs no less! but the nudity is
    not as rampant as that sounds. There are some
    slasher inspired sex scenes but this is not a T
    and A film.

    The turkey is a puppet but by creative camera shots and lots of close ups. Awful cinematography.

    This movie (available on Netflix) has officially made me loose more IQ points than any other drug I have ever done. The acting makes the Sheryl Crow Films look interesting.

    Overall: 4/10
    Comedy: 6/10 - If you have a strong stomach and good laughter capabilities.
    Horror: -2/10 - ......

    I don't recommend this movie if you'd like to get laid that night.

    I've YT'd some quotes for you guys to get a good idea of exactly how awful this movie is.

    Clips and exerts:

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