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I have now completed a program for connecting a Wii U Pro Controller to Windows with help from Daku93.

Just add your Pro Controller in the Windows Bluetooth Manager, don't use a PIN, then start the application.

Newest version:
[See Source link below for most up to date release]

All buttons are mappable, both analogs can act as the D-Pad or YBAX Buttons.
Supports LEDs / Rumble control. Displays Battery, USB, And Analog status.

Default button mappings are:
  • Start = Enter
  • Select = Backspace
  • Home = ESC
  • D-Up = Up
  • D-Left = Left
  • D-Down = Down
  • D-Right = Right
  • Y = A
  • B = Z
  • A = X
  • X = S
  • L = Q
  • R = W
  • ZL = R
  • ZR = F
  • LH = J
  • RH = K
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It does not work using the default Windows bluetooth stack, sadly.
You need to follow those instructions to get the Pro Controller working. http://www.smoothboard.net/wiiremoteplus/

Use the link below to download the file as it could be updated by the creator.