People of Codeleakers that care's I will continue to post updated video's from Mr.Tapley, I know he sound' s crazy about some stuff but im sure he will give us at least some good info.

Once he did say that in his gangamstyle prophecy video that the yellow man getting out the car represent pope benedict.
1.Because of the yellow and white clothing
2. The red car, which the same brand the pope has
3. 555 on the red car license, which also mean rose mary << who didnt know that O-o

When he said that, I was like "the hell I'm listening to this fool for" I though he was crazy to.

Until on yahoo said lighting struck the vatican Twice at exactly 5:55 on the same day he announce resigning.
Weird because out of any place in the world lighting struck the Vatican, most importantly out of any number it chose to hit at 5:55 ?????????

The picture is on google if you guy's wanna check it out. From then I knew Mr.Tapley crazy ass was rite! well he was wrong about the pope being murdered lol but oh well.

Also I will be making a serious thread soon, about Obama visiting Israel in a few day's.