The rsps section has been removed due to the fact that most rsps's are now being shut down by Jagex.

This section will now be for Old School Runescape, aka 2007 Runescape. Jagex just recently released old 2007 servers for members who want to play the old game instead of Evolution of Combat.

This section will have Old Runescape content, giveaways, and guides. If you used to play Runescape back in 2007 or before I recommend buying membership and playing because it is amazing and exactly like the old days of runescape.

There are currently 140k-160k players on Runescape constantly like in the old days. If you want to help make this section active and want it to expand and be more helpful please post in it.

All rsps threads that were in this section before have now been moved to the "Runescape" section.