My flirt playthrought i was companionless for most of the game so i experienced everthing on my own the one companion i had jumped down to go see the FlOw creature that i didnt know existed so i just moved on to the next level not knowing it would ditch him D: but i got to experience the story on my own.

My second playthrought i found a companion in the level after the tutorial level. me and him played throught the game together waiting each other to catch up if the other got to far ahead we would also point out if we spotted a random glith and such. It was an amazing bond built between me and him and i felt upset watching him get attacked by the Stone creatures on the mountain level.

My third playthrought i ended up paired with e Mentor White coat who showed me everything this game had to over including leaving the map and exploring the world outside we completely skipped the mountain level by doing a trek outside of the map and he helped me get the Transcendence trophy when we reached the mountain we walked together in a <3<3<3 patern towards the glowing light it was one of the best experiences ive ever had in a game.

I dont even know about this game all i have is amazing experiences from it