Since the release of the iOS 6.1.3 firmware, Apple has essentially killed Jailbreaking for the time being. Those that Jailbreak on iOS 6 prior to iOS 6.1.3 can maintain their Jailbreak by not updating, but whenever Apple starts releasing unjailbreakable firmwares the numbers of Jailbroken devices start dropping and people begin to wonder when the next Jailbreak will be released.

Although the Evad3rs will likely be waiting until the release of iOS 7 in June before another Jailbreak is released, it looks like there might also be someone else in the Jailbreak game P0sixninja, otherwise known as Joshua Hill. Despite announcing the death of the Chronic Dev-Team responsible for tools such as GreenPois0n, Cdev reporter and Absinthe, it looks like P0sixninja isnt just sitting on the sidelines.

According to some recent tweets (1, 2) by P0sixninja he has in his possession enough vulnerabilities to make the next Jailbreak.

Last year P0sixninja announced that he was close to dumping the BootROM of all iOS devices and then he went cold turkey. With these new tweets stating that he could be the one creating the next Jailbreak, it could indeed mean he made enough progress for another bootrom Jailbreak, or it could be a set of new vulnerabilities that will be a one time kind of deal like Evasi0n. Regardless, it is exciting to hear P0sixninja has made significant progress on a new Jailbreak for future firmware generations and devices.