Along with Sony's new partnership with Unity technologies Sony has been really turning the playstation vita into a Indie devs dream system. Not only are they making the process easier for Devs to apply for a game. but they are getting praised by practicaly every indie dev who makes a game for their system and the Playstation vita itself is getting allot of praise directed towards it.

Heres a list of indies games on or coming to the vita

Lone Survivor PS3 and PS Vita

Divekick PS3 and PS Vita

Velocity Ultra PS Vita

Limbo PS Vita

Metrico PS Vita

Guacamelee! PS3 and PS Vita

Hotline Miami PS3 and PS Vita

Dragon Fantasy Book II PS3 and PS Vita

Thomas Was Alone PS3 and PS Vita

Luftrausers PS3 and PS Vita

Friend Network App PS Vita

Spelunky PS3 and PS Vita

Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhovs Revenge PS3 and PS Vita

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth PS3 and PS Vita

Terraria PS3 and PS Vita

Stealth Bastard

and perhaps even Fez

This is great marketing for the vita to have Newer devs getting a crack at entering the buisness by developing for playstation. Theres a chance all of them could hit gold just like Thatgamecompany has