Ill start off at the begining... the games been out for about a week now and ive already logged 45 hours..... so atm ive paid 1$ per hour of enjoyment thats well worth the cost.

What is it?

Well basicaly its an arena based RPG where you kill monsters. the crux of this is that you chose to either sacrifice or save anything that has died... including your allies offline and online alike. Sacrificing things restores your used magic while increasing your characters ATK, While saving creatures restores health and increases your defense.



the gameplay is Arena based fight to the death you and your allied "Sorcerers" must kill each monster... you can use spells called offering and carry a maximum of six with you. Each other can be leveled up or fused with an element to become a diffrent offering. You have to pay attention to how many times you can cast an offering before it runs out as you will need to refil it with either offering refilling points on the map or sacrificing an enemy. if you use to much of an offering it will be lost intil you repair it after the match..... On the plus side with this game if you fail the task it will not save that you have broken an offering.

There are also five powerfull attacks in the game of which you can only equipe one per match called Black Rites. these can be game changing attacks but they come at a cost. you must sacrifice a part of your body in order to use them some with more damning reprocussions than others once used these attacks must be paid for every match intil you reverse its effect...... and you will regret it if you forget to.

Some bosses are alligned with certain elements and 1 of the five elements will be their weakness if you use this element against them it will increase the damage of your attacks

You fight allot of weak creatures that can be consider minions who take only minutes to destroy while you also must fight ArchFiends who are humans/sorcerers turned monsters who take allot more effect and time to defeat.

you may either complete the story or take on missions called Avalon Pacts that give you plent of challenge to fight against which get increasingly difficult.


Multiplayer is exactly the same as the single player however you get 1-3 co-op players who can help you with the Avalon Pacts this is where the strategy with Sacrificing or saving your allies comes into play. It takes half your health to revive/save and ally but to sacrifice an ally casts a Sacrifice spell that is nearly as powerfull as the Black rites... on lower level boses this could cause an easy kill... with higher level boses sacrificing all your allies will leave you pretty much dead against a barely weakened boss.

It brings strategy and communication into play if you are mortally wounded let your team know if you want to be saved or sacrificed that way you choose when you live and die.. Now of course theres the dicks who dont listen and sacrifice you anyways ... they are just douches. But best stratgey is if an ally wants to be revived revive them.... But dont risk your life to do it inless you need to.

After death. If you happen to be Sacrificed you turn into this ghost that can walk around while watching the fight what you may do is effect the fight by either upping the atk of your team or downing the defense of the enemy this brings death into more of a tool than usual.

In offline mode if you sacrifice an ally they remain dead intil you reverse the effects.


Sony has annouced that the first three DLC that will be released late May to late June will be free to download.. anyone after that will be paided but this will offer six new bosses


This is one of the best vita games with a shit ton of stuff to do. I suggest anyone who owns a vita and has the money picks up a copy of the game. the only downside is that the fights get repetitive but on the plus side to that they dont change to much so you can pick up and start playing without trying to learn a bosses special moves on the go