So Amazon UK has priced the Xbox One at 599.99, which is about $910 dollars here in america...

Yea after taxes and a game or two you're looking at about 1K for this. Now this isn't the confirmed price or anything just a safety net if you will, a guesstimate or a high ball price just for comparison.

"The retailer has stressed that it is only a placeholder price. On the Xbox One page, it states that if the console's RRP is significantly less, they will charge the lower price.

It is standard industry practice to list high before the a new console or game's price has been official announced.

Console's traditionally aiming at a 299 price tag. Indeed, both Microsoft and Sony have been on the receiving end from consumers' ire when they have attempted to price their consoles above the 299 figure."

"Microsoft has said it will announce the official price of the console at E3 in two weeks"

Now i don't plan on getting an Xbox One and to be honest i more leaning towards a PS4. I just hope the price is about $300-$350. Now i know it probably will be $500 (i'm hoping not but i'm prepared for a pricey console)