A large chunk of the Xbox One reveal was dedicated to telling us that we don't watch TV the right way, and that Microsoft's new machine will help fix that. But don't worry! E3 will be different.

So with the big backlash from fans i think Microsoft is getting the picture here, people don't give a fuck about T.V anymore. Shit i don't even have cable in my apartment, just Netflix. Any other show like Game Of Thrones for example i just pirate. Then the one dumb bitch called it a water cooler.

Lets get this straight when the fuck is the last time you went up to your friends and was like "Hey man, i just paid $5.99 to watch this HD movie on my Xbox" No, fucking like 85% of your customers pirate their movies and music. If they wanted that shit they would just get on their phone or PC.

Yet they wonder why gaming on PC has nearly tripled percentage wise, last time i heard i believe it was somewhere around 70% more sales. Better graphics, no bullshit and cheaper games. If the consoles could sell their games like Steam does then they would make a lot more money and be able to push their digital game sale like they want to.

Anyway back on topic, they essentially want to focus on games....which seems hard to do because on their websites and promotional e-mail i get all they show is Forza 5 and COD: Ghosts......you motherfuckers better drop that Halo TV series and make an actual game.

But they did say they had an abundance of new IP's (New series/Games) coming out so maybe they were just saving it for E3, anyway this is their only chance to make up for the damage they already did.