How to get the firing line extended all the powers, all the cues and tables and level 255
Sometimes the table and cues and some powers dont work.

1: Remove the game multitasking

2: Download the "iapphacks_8_ball_pool_1.0.2_hack_0.deb" file and place it in Var / Mobile with DiskAid or iFunBox

3: Entering iFile, click the "iapphacks_8_ball_pool_1.0.2_hack_0.deb" file and install

4: Go to settings and find the tweak "8 Ball Pool Hacks" and choose your Hacks

5: Back in the apllication 8 Ball Pool good game ..

- Unlimited Size Of GuideLine
- Unlimited Powers
- All unlocked Cues
- Max Level Up
- All the tables Unlocked
- Always Win

6. Done!