Users of Facebook's photo-sharing app, Instagram, will now be able to take videos as well as still photographs, the social network has announced. In a press conference, Instagram's chief executive Kevin Systrom said the app would allow them to make clips lasting between 3 and 15 seconds.

Users will also be able to add those distinctive filters that epitomise photographs of Instagram. The update will allow iPhone and Android users to record and stitch together their clips to form a "collage", which can then have one of 13 customisable filters applied to them. These can make the clips black-and-white, add a blur-effect or otherwise alter the footage. In addition to this, iPhone users are offered a "cinema" facility, which stabilises the clips to counteract camera shake.

"Fifteen seconds of video [is] the right balance between not-too-short that constrains your creativity and not-too-long where you end up having to wait a lot of time for something to download," said Mr Systrom.