While recording gameplay video should be a breeze on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, for now, it’s often accomplished through external hardware.

Hauppauge, manufacturer of the popular HD PVR 2 video recorder, has released an updated capture program called, fittingly, “Hauppauge Capture.” It can be downloaded for free and used by all HD PVR 2 owners.

The program adds a slew of features that make streaming and sharing gameplay easier, including a built-in audio mixer, a simpler video editor, a logo inserter, improved YouTube functionality, and streaming options for both Twitch and Ustream.

While Hauppauge’s new application looks impressive, it may be difficult to compete (assuming it will support next-gen consoles) with the PlayStation 4’s built-in share button or Microsoft’s Twitch partnership. We still don’t know the full details of these features, but we do know Sony is planning on giving developers control over the share button.