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Hello everybody,

crediar has announced his new project: Nintendont
His aim is to devellop an app for vWii and Wii which can play Gamecube Games.

What is Nintendont?

Nintendont is obviously not a modification of the MIOS, like DIOS MIOS (lite), because the vWii does not have a MIOS.
It is neither a emulator, because the vWii is not powerful enough to emulate GameCube games.
Nintendon't will be more like an interpreter which runs Gamecube games natively. Most likely it will work similar to Devolution, but nothing is confirmed yet. (crediar: "Well I never looked into how devo works so I can't really tell.")

What features has Nintendont?

It can play Gamecube games on vWii and Wii
It supports several controllers
It won't support Memory Card emulation. It will use NMM like DIOS MIOS
It will most likely support support audio streaming, what DIOS MIOS never did
(crediar: "especially audio streaming will be much simpler this way.")
There will be seperate versions for loading games from sd card and from usb-drives, just like DIOS MIOS.

Will it work on regular Wii, too?

Yes. (crediar: "yes but would require an extra build for each Wii U and normal Wii.")
At start, the Wii-version won't support USB-controllers. It is planned to add the USB-support for the Wii version, but this issue has a rather low priority.

Will there be a AP-protection?

Definitely no.

What gamepads are working?

Currently it is known that the following gamepads are working:

PS2 Dual shock
PS3 Dual shock
Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510

Is my gamepad compatible?

If you have a specific controller, you want to play with, you can test those app with your controller:


The readme in this rar-file should explain everything.

When will it be released?

The app is in early beta status. It will be released when it's done.

Useful links: