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    Default Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    Here are also hacks that most of you don't know how to make them and keep arrogant :P They use floating points commands so some of you could learn from it.

    #!!Eye Of God
    ;Credits -Val-
    ;press D-PADs to rotate the camera
    ;Press X or Triangle to zoom in or out
    ;Press O or [] to invert the camera
    0x00060054 0x0A200C00
    0x00001000 0x3b4CD000
    0x01199A98 0x00000000
    0x00003000 0x3C080880
    0x00003004 0xC50C1000
    0x00003008 0x3C0908A6
    0x0000300C 0x8D292D88
    0x00003010 0x3C0A099A
    0x00003014 0xC54D9A74
    0x00003018 0xC54E9A9C
    0x0000301C 0x340B2000
    0x00003020 0x15690002
    0x00003024 0x00000000
    0x00003028 0x460D6340
    0x0000302C 0x340B8000
    0x00003030 0x15690002
    0x00003034 0x00000000
    0x00003038 0x460C6B41
    0x0000303C 0x340B0200
    0x00003040 0x15690002
    0x00003044 0x00000000
    0x00003048 0x460C7380
    0x0000304C 0x340B0100
    0x00003050 0x15690002
    0x00003054 0x00000000
    0x00003058 0x460C7381
    0x0000305C 0xE54E9A9C
    0x00003060 0xE54D9A74
    0x00003064 0x03E00008

    #!Camera Reset
    ;Disables the eye of god
    0x01199A98 0xBF800000
    0x01199A9C 0xBF800000
    0x01199A74 0x00000000

    #!Arrow Rider
    ;Idea Of PassThaPurp
    ;Remake Of -Val- (Ported to US)
    ;Bows & Arrows Only
    0x00060054 0x0A200410
    0x00001040 0x3C08090B
    0x00001044 0x3C0909C1
    0x00001048 0xC52C28C0
    0x0000104C 0xC52D28C4
    0x00001050 0xC52E28C8
    0x00001054 0x8D2A28C0
    0x00001058 0x11400004
    0x0000105C 0x00000000
    0x00001060 0xE50C3780
    0x00001064 0xE50D3784
    0x00001068 0xE50E3788
    0x0000106C 0x03E00008

    The last one makes your body sticking your arrow when you use your bow ;)

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