Gamers are anxiously awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, which is currently slated to release in just under two months on September 17. This entry into the franchise has been touted as the biggest one yet, both in quality and explorable terrain. While reviews won't be hitting the web until the weeks prior to the game's release, we can still hold on what Rockstar has provided us with so far: trailers, previews and fan creations.

Today, we bring you another fan creation. This comes in the form of a collage which details the character customization in GTA 5. We're pretty amazed at how much work went into this, as pulling all of these images together must have taken a huge amount of time. RAZneurysm's creation has all of the currently known wardrobe capabilities of all three main characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. The collage also details the accesories and pets available for the player to purchase and use.

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