Posting this for those who didnt see this or know this app

--------------------------------What the app is-----------------------------------------------
This is an alternative to the popular Cydia app "Install0us" which we all know was shut down.
So basically it is used to find cracked .IPA's and install them to your iOS device.
This app is really good! i recommended it over any other cracked app installers.
--------------------------------How To Install-----------------------------------------------
You might ask me "Why are you gonna tell us how to install it?"
Well thats because its NOT in cydia. They have a cydia source but the app is not in cydia (Last time i checked)
Requirements!:Your iOS must be 5.xx or higher, and must have appSync installed on your iDevice (Which is in Cydia)
On your iDevice go to safari and go to this website:
Then when your there just slide the slider and it will ask you if you want to install it.
Then there you go
It will not crash on you unless you download a damaged IPA.