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    Default : TUTORIAL: How to swap/add Turbos & Superchargers (2.14)

    TUTORIAL: How to swap/add Turbos & Superchargers (2.14)


    So, you guys may be thinking, wasn't this already possible? Well yes, but it required a FF turbo code. This is an actual swap. The car above has a Supra Mid RPM Turbo in it. And the hp shows it.

    This will require Bruteforce/HxD

    I'll be doing this with a Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) '08 (p)
    This car is supercharged, but I'd love for it to have the sound of the Blitz Dunlop R34, which won't happen since it doesn't have a turbo.

    So first, get the car. You can go to GT Auto and change it visually but I wouldn't do an oil change yet.

    Open the file in Bruteforce/HxD
    change the first FF after the body code to 74, the same way you do a swap.

    Find the turbo code (091D if the car doesn't have a turbo option)
    I changed it to a Supra Super High RPM Turbo.

    Now, usually that would be it, but for turbo you also have to change the code for the Turbo Controller.
    For me, it starts directly above where I would go to slam a car. It's 6 bytes long, and is usually all 00 if the car doesnt have turbos. Should be around offset 0000E960. I used a Supra Super High RPM Turbo Controller.

    Now you can save changes. Encrypt it and do any other swaps you want in garage editor or continue in HxD, or just go to GT5. Enjoy.

    Here are some Supra turbo codes.

    Supra Stock Turbo- 00000934
    Supra Stock Turbo Controller- 02197D063269

    Supra Low RPM Turbo- 00000BDF
    Supra Low RPM Turbo Controller- 082C73000000

    Supra Mid RPM Turbo- 00000D74
    Supra Mid RPM Turbo Controller- 082C73000000

    Supra High RPM Turbo- 00000F18
    Supra High RPM Turbo Controller- 083673000000

    Supra Super High RPM Turbo- 00000FE0
    Supra Super High RPM Turbo Controller- 0C126415234B

    04 blitz ER34 codes
    High RPM turbo code: 00000DA4
    High RPM turbo controller :03337D000000

    Warning, the Super High RPM Turbo will give cars a lot of hp depending on the engine. Be warned.

    And here is the car.

    Notice the turbo meter.


    This will be a little different. Cars that don't have a supercharger option won't have a code (Like 09 1D for non-turbo cars). Instead, it will be FFFFFFFF. You may want to add all the parts before hand just to narrow it down some. I won't be doing that in this tutorial, but I will try to make it as clear as possible on where the location will be in your save.

    I will be adding a Ford GT supercharger (code is 00 8C) to a mazda RX-7 premium.

    Here is where I found the supercharger in my Ford GT.

    First, you would buy the car you want a supercharger in. Open that car in HxD and do the same 74 in the first FF after the body code like you would do for any swap. Then go to the supercharger location. It should be around the offset 0000E910. I went ahead and changed it to the supercharger. In a stock car, you should see a row of code in with the FFs. The codes I see in every car are 0000002C 00000010. use those as a sign to where the supercharger is. The supercharger should be the first FF FF FF FF you see.

    As an extra step, I also took the stock turbo off. You don't have to do this, I just did it so I didn't have a turbo and supercharger.
    All you have to do for this is change the turbo code to 09 1D and then the controller to 00 00 00 00 00 00. Just like you would find in a n/a car.

    And as you can see here it worked. 330hp with just a supercharger in it.

    I hope this helper everyone who was asking haha.

    And again, the Ford GT Supercharger code is 00 8C.

    I'm not quite sure if this will have any effect on the sound of the car, as I have yet to drive it fully tuned yet.



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    Oh cool, look at this guide you wrote. Oh man, oh wow, great job man.

    Oh wait... it's a rip.

    Don't copy/paste tuts from other sites without giving proper credit. A link back isn't enough, the original poster from NGG should have his name before any steps so people know you didn't do shit and he requires all the compliments and thanks.

    All you get for copying his post and plastering it here is a big fuck you.

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