A small symbol and a sharp noise are now synonymous with an act of gaming majesty. A 1000-hit combo, the discovery of a well-hidden secret, or even the conquering of an entire game; the rise of the prominence of the trophy is the ultimate bait to many committed gamers.

With online trophy guides, forums and manuals rife, the insatiable thirst that the trophy provides has helped sculpt an entire ecosystem of achievement hunting obsessives and casuals alike.

Now a corner stone of gaming as a hobby and passion, trophies are now both a core and secondary motivation. With as many individual types of gamers as there are games, its hardly surprising that theres a plethora of attitudes towards those wonderful little snippets of glory.

For many the simple sprouting of another digital accolade is little more than an inevitable labour, providing nothing other than a momentary distraction during play. Above this categorisation lie a secondary layer of players, those who enjoy the instantaneous attraction of the trophy, without such a drive ever motivating their play. Furthermore, there is yet another group of players, for whom the wondrous marker of the achievement is what drives them to continue playing into the early hours of the morning, fundamentally adding yet more splendour to titles.

The rise of the trophy/achievement is an interesting journey. In the last console generation such a novelty was non-existent and yet now its difficult to think of a gaming landscape without them.

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