Ok I need someone thats knows that they will buy stealth before December, I need someone to test the cheats to this game to see if they work online.
I would buy stealth as of now but I got college so I gotta spend my money on cloths until December.

I need a tester to see will these cheats work online, they should since the game is an online beta, and it has no updates, so im pretty sure it will work.

Also the game is free for download in the market place all you gotta do is launch the game and poke the vaules, no special xex needed.

Im pretty sure one hit kill wont work, but I guess it will.. If you wanna test go into the ascension thread and follow the video on how to paste offsets and poke them

Also I think this is USA only, I dont think its regionfree.. Also create your lobby and test and join a game and test probably some will work when host

I will try to get ammo and god mode soon