When a game goes free on PlayStation Plus you have a limited time to grab it before it rotates out of the instant game collection. If you dont, you miss your chance. On the other hand if you secure the game while its on offer, itll be yours as long as youre an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.

This poses the question: what if you dont intend to purchase a PS4 at launch, but you still want to secure the free PS4 games offered by PlayStation Plus before they get phased out? Turns out that you can via the PSN web store, as shared by Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter:


As an unrelated but interesting note, Yoshida-san also mentioned that cross-platform gameplay between PS3 and PS4 is theoretically possible, but its implementation depends on the publisher of each game.

Its quite interesting to see that Sony doesnt intend to put restrictions bound to the ownership of a PS4 to getting the free game on PS Plus, but it should come as no real surprise, considering that the publisher has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the offer compelling, and will probably redouble that effort in the future, in light of the PS Plus requirement for online gaming on the PlayStation 4.

That said, youve been warned. If youre a PS Plus subscriber but want to hold back on buying a PS4 until a while after launch, you better make sure you grab the free PS4 games timely when they get included in the instant game collection. When youll finally grab the console, youll be happy you did. May also want to do the same with PS Vita games if you dont own one, since you can already do that.

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