So i started making this iOS theme for winterboard today. testing thing by thing, Ive been working on it for about half hour now. here is what so far:

Of course first is a wallpaper. i did not make this wallpaper btw i just edited it.
The same with the icons. i an getting some icons i find. I cut out the images and modify the colors a bit.
I know the icons are in Terrible quality.
I just want to work on getting the icons and coloring them and cutouts before i go back through them to fix the quality.

What i plan to add/customize:
Battery icon
Battery icon in Lockscreen.
System icons
3rd party icons
Jailbreak icons
wifi icon
Page indicator icons
and more.

But maybe if you got any ideas, or suggestions; run them by me.

I know its bad. im just goin and getting what i need first before i fix it up to look good.