Exclusive: Malware Must Die(MMD), the team which is dedicated to Malware analysis research, has taken down more than 90 Russian domains which have been confirmed as malicious.

It is part of their ongoing operation named "Operation Tango Down", an operation that deactivate the malicious domains with the help of Authorities - Several malware domains have been suspended.

Today, MMD announced that they are shutting down 97 .Ru Domains that serves the notorious Kelihos Trojan for the Red Kit Exploit Kit.

Suspended Malicious .Ru domains - Image Credits: E Hacking News

According to the blog post , "the Kelihos Trojan were distributed in (mainly) East European (Ukrainian, Latvia, Belarus, Russia) and Asia servers (Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong) as the secondary layers, with also using the scattered world wide hacked machines".

You can find further details and full list of suspended domains at their blog: http://malwaremustdie.blogspot.jp

Source: http://www.ehackingnews.com/2013/07/...s-used-by.html


Well, that's what these people who are responsible for the domains get. This world is crazy. Will keep you updated on the latest news. (This wasn't latest, but it hasn't been posted. I thought this was interesting).

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