Watch Dogs is certainly featuring some very intriguing elements in this new open-world franchise, but despite how much we've seen of the game, we still have a murky picture of what exactly the multiplayer will look like when the game launches this Nov. 19th.

In the second part of our exclusive interview with Watch Dogs' creative director Jonathan Morin, we found out some new, interesting details as to how the notoriety system will work within the multiplayer side of the game.

"In WATCH_DOGS, there is what we call 'notoriety.' Part of it works like any notoriety you could think of in an online game but there is a special aspect to it that is quite unique to WATCH_DOGS. Part of it works more like a virus.

"When you hack another player, you are installing a worm in his system and then you leverage part of his strength for yourself and he knows about it. So from that point, if this person grows in power, you do as well.

"Think about it for a second: if you work hard for your notoriety and you know that out there one guy is more powerful than you because he leverages some of what you worked so hard to get, how hard will you want to retaliate to break that link? In a way, when you hack a player, you dont remove anything from him aside from his pride.

"He doesnt lose anything, but he knows you are more powerful because of his effort. So in a way, [what] your hacking network, the virus, structure creates is similar to the notoriety you are used to on social networks, which again is a nice and elegant way to remember what WATCH_DOGS is all about: hyper connectivity," Morin said.

It's nice to get a little bit clearer picture of what Watch Dogs' multiplayer will end up looking like, but some hands-on time would do a world of good to finish the picture. Watch Dogs is slated to hit the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Wii U on Nov. 19th.

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