In response to news that the Xbox One will be delayed until early 2014 in a number of territories, including Russia, Sweden and Denmark, a number of Battlefield 4 developers have taken to twitter to state that the PS4 is becoming an easy choice for next-gen.

Gameplay designer Alan Kertz stated: "I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden."

Gameplay designer Gustav Halling joined the fray, saying: "Not sure what Xbox is thinking when not launching in a progressive country like Sweden, we always buy what is hot and that will be PS4."

The Xbox One has been subject to PR disaster after PR disaster since its announcment. Heavilly criticised DRM restrictions, subsequent u-turns and criticism over self-publishing policies have done little to help Microsoft.

As if the news that the Xbox One will be delayed in a number of countries wasn't bad enough, having the developers of a massive game like Battleifield 4 back their compeitor, the PS4, will certianly be disconcerting for Microsoft.