Like many, I've been juggling thoughts about Next-Gen for some time now. Not a day goes by where I don't scour the Internet for new tidbits of information regarding console features, game lineups and anything else I can learn with regard to the Xbox One and PS4.

For better or worse I've come to a point where I'm truly torn about where to FIRST spend my cash this upcoming November. Ultimately, it's become clear to me that this is a generation, similar to the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation, where I'll end up buying both consoles due to their imminent and upcoming game exclusives. Hell, if Nintendo get their shit together and do something bold and exciting with their first-party franchises, I'll probably end up buying a WiiU as well.

Anyway, for gamers like myself, who see value in both Xbox One and PS4, but are on a budget and can't afford both consoles at launch, I've color-coded and crunched some basic numbers I grabbed from the Launch-Lineup Wiki pages for both upcoming consoles. Much to my surprise, the numbers are an even spread across the board. UI's, apps and hardware components aside, if you're buying a console solely for Next-Gen gaming experiences, your decision is going to boil down to what kind of stories and/or gameplay experiences you want out of your console exclusives, as each system has the same amount of multi-platform titles coming to it, as well as the same amount of launch-lineup exclusive titles coming to it.

Check out the chart below to compare Xbox One and PS4's list of launch exclusives as well as the multi-platform titles each console is receiving on Day-1. Keep in mind that certain third-party titles in the list may only remain "exclusive" to a platform for a limited amount of time, seeing as both of these consoles now have similar specs and hardware components under their hoods.


Which console you gonna buy & what games with it?