Back when FIFA 14 was confirmed for the PlayStation 2 (and pretty much every other system under the sun), it seemed like it would signify the final PS2 game to be released for the console.

As it turns out, Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will release for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, in addition to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. While current generation consoles receive the game on September 19th in Europe, September 20th in the UK, and September 24th (same day as FIFA 14) in North America, those PS2 and PSP versions are only slated to arrive at a later date.

If that later date happens to be past September 24th, then PES 2014 would be the last new PS2 game we see, unless of course EA or Konami decide to bring the next iteration of these franchises to the system next year, though that doesnt seem likely at this point.

As for PES 2014 on PS3, you can expect it to be available on the PSN as well as retail day 1, with a demo expected to become available on September 10th in North America and September 11th in Europe. If you pre-order the game from select retailers, youll be given exclusive Classic European and Latin American DLC packs.


In my opinon, oh well. The PS2 is almost dead.