Miami (CNN) -- References to drugs, comments about hazing and pictures of semi-nude women taken from posts on a closed Facebook page have prompted the suspension of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on Florida International University's Miami campus.
An e-mail containing 70 screen grabs of posts allegedly found on the Facebook page for active members of Pi Kappa Alpha, also known as Pike, were sent to school officials and members of the media, including CNN affiliate WSVN.

"Anyone have a connect for coke, not me, a friends wants, lol" says one post, while others mention "study drugs." There are offers to sell Adderall and Vyvanse, drugs prescribed to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Several postings allegedly made by members of the fraternity make reference to the "Pike pharmacy." One lets the group know the "Pike Pharmacy is on campus all day today again" and leaves a phone number to call. CNN called that number and every number contained in the posts and was told "no comment" by three people. One said "I have no idea what's going on" before hanging up the phone.

Although most of the social media chatter in the screen grabs involved talk of drugs and alcohol, there were a few that made reference to hazing, one offering this advice, "HAZE THE F(*! OUT OF THEM....end of story"
The obscenities in the screen grabs are numerous, as are the derogatory comments, especially those in reference to their female coeds. A few semi-naked pictures of women were included. One of the pictures showed a topless female, with the comment: "I think she was 17 at the time of the titi pics...LOL "