Ultimate Bravery ?

The Ultimate Bravery is a way to play League of Legends.
This is a champion to play randomly, accompanied with summoner spells and items randomly chosen.

Why do that ? Well just for fun and challenge !
In fact I do not see many other reasons, the best is to play with 4 other friends : the effect is guaranteed !

How to ?

This site will allow you to randomly generate the necessary data.
The list of champions available will enable you not to fall on champions that you do not own.
Click on the ones you have, they will be saved until you delete cookies from your browser.

By clicking on "Make me brave" (or similar), a champion will be appointed.
This game mode is based on trust, so it is your duty to select the champion, and the summoner spells indicated. As for the runes and master's degrees, feel free to take what you like.

What items to buy first ?

In Ultimate Bravery, you must buying boots at your first appearance, then buying the rest in the order (starting from the leftmost object ).
If you think the items are not generated for your hero, it's even better!

There is no rule regarding the potions or elixirs.
less brave, but you can buy it !

How can I prove my good faith ?

The concerns of the Ultimate Bravery is that everyone does not always play the game.
That's why you can copy your entire "bravery", or copy the link of your "bravery" to each page refresh.
Pages will be saved about 1 day. After which they will be deleted.

Ultimate Bravery Site