I hate when my family fights Why cant they change decide on something? Why does my mother want people to take MY twin brother away, just because he said he was he suicidal few times. Why doesnt she want my brother to home school? Why does my mom scream, and cry when dealing with the reality of having children? Why did my mom get a cat and a kitten right after the family cat died? Why does she bring up our dad, how he had ocd, broke his back working, how he had hemorrhoids, how he died of cancer a year ago? Why do they both cry. I hate seeing my mom cry because shes scared, same with my brother. Why do I DESERVE THIS. WHY did my mom threatened to have family members, and strangers to take way my brother? Why does my brother not want to wait 2 years for school? Why does my mom and older brother. Why does this family have so many disorders. Im going to stop eating, stop talking to her, and I WONT take my medicine