So im going to go into more detail about how my weekend went, first off i need to say this is the first time i was really high, like i was tripping balls. Nothing like i had before so im assuming i was being a faggot and it was a placebo affect.

anyway, i met a cool new guy who is a main dealer at a nearby prep school. he seemed pretty chill and we exchanged info. anyway him and our crew went in the woods and smoked since my friend who was suppose to bounce and smoke with this girl he wants to fuck was turned down by the gurl. so we go in the woods and all take a few huge hits (he has a decent sized bowl). once we were done we rode off to get pizza and a couple gurls stoped us to talk to the guy, so they had heard about him and a friend they were with pointed him out (he has a corny dealer name, and apparently he has lots of rep) and this was the first time they had met him; no prior meeting at all. two minutes later he goes off in the woods and gets a handjob. the dude is the biggest player i have ever met.

so we go back to my friends house and im still not feeling it. we relax and start talking to his parents and i lose my shit. like i felt like i was yelling and couldnt remember what i was saying seconds after i said it and i kept hitting my head and saying i was going to go unconscious. so they threw me downstairs in the basement (m,y friends room) and they told me i was going on about how i was going to faint and kept asking if i was yelling (i dont remember much) anyway for like 20 minutes i couldnt do anything i was like paralised and if i tried too my head got fuzzy and i would just get scared and flip shit,

after i calmed down i guess i regained my short term memory and watched a video they shot of me freaking out and trying to clean up a mess i made and threatened to "ram notebook ram up their asses if they didnt help me" (he was working on his laptop earlier so it was laying on the ground)

So i guess i got to the enjoyable state of being high and we just kinda sat there for like 5 minutes but it felt like an hour.

so we decide to go to gamestop and get gta 5, so we all pile in his dads car and have him drive us there. (we were all barefoot and i was rambling about who knows what)

so we get there and my friend and his dad go in the store and we decide to dumpster dive for hell knows what. So im all relaxed behind a gamestop when a guy pulls up and corners us and jumps out of the car and runs at us yelling. i was still trip-en balls so i didnt understand a word he said. so we figured out that he was motioning to his broken headlight and was threatning to call the cops and kick our ass. and this guy was BIG and he wasnt fucking around. so i mumbled out that we were waiting for a friends and we didnt touch his shit. so he looks at us murmurs something and drives off.

i didn't realize at the time but if he called the cops we would of gotten in deep shit. not because of his car but because we reeked of dank and were obviously high. also i think i was the one who drew suspicion since i had blurry seeing and i thought he was a employee and looked at him from around the corner and ran back like 5 minutes before the encounter

so we haul ass into the store and get his dad to hurry out. (all the while people are staring since we are barefoot )

we got home and played gta all night. there were a bunch of other details but i kept it short and simple.