At the end of the game your Shrink evaluates you and gives you a report (not a cutscene just the report)

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Patient: Peephole303

From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander
Client Notes - Highly Confidential

Fascinating. Rarely have I encountered someone so deluded.

Compromise is the language of the devil - and this fool loves compromise.

Wants to see self as a leader.

Loves showing off with money.

Desperate for female attention.

Sees self as savior of women - odd given certain behaviors.

Family minded for some reason.

Wisely invests money - in insane speculations.

Vindictive in the extreme.

Violent thief.

Thought yoga was beneath them. Prefers mass murder as a way of calming the nerves.

Avoids strenuous exercise.

Like strangers.

Not bothered with tasks they deem 'boring'.

Will make me retire... and emigrate.