Why the hell would anybody attempt post bogus codes on here....(I know I talk alot of trash to everyone on here)
But the last thing I would do is post bullshit codes......Dude these coders on here have been making codes for quite a while. As I have said all along, I dont post any codes because I havent found anything that hasnt been found already. To post them after someone else posts them just seems like attempted credit stealing. And to try to pass off bullshit, dude you are on the wrong site for that.

Hey I finally found the forums I should be posting in....(spamalot, and random crap...)
Pretty much all my posts fall into these two cats.............

Hell just in codes from haxxing terrorist and tbw alone probably over 500 codes just in sc7e52. Youre not gonna pass bogus codes on this game off as good ones. Not in this site anyways.