Keep in mind before you start posting replies, I did this for complete noobs to it. Felt like doing it randomly.
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A lot of you may know how to install the very well known Wordpress, but there are also many who don't know how to install it. I'm here to take you step by step on how to do this.
I'm going to be doing this via WAMP. The process may differ in how to create the database, but the idea is the same.

1st thing you always want to do is create the database. I'm going to go through the manual way since I am not doing the SQL Wizard that is given with cPanel and such.

The main things you want to do is...
1) Create the database itself.
2) Create a user with FULL privileges to that database.

TIP: Take note of the password of the user, you'll need it later.

Next, go ahead and move all your files to your "public_html" folder or any folder like that, most hosting have the "public_html" folder so.
I'm just going to put mine in a new folder since I have no "public_html" folder.
If you did it right, you'll come across this when you get to your site

Go ahead and choose "Create a Configuration File" and you'll go to this window.

From there click "Continue.

Next, guess what. You're going to enter all the information you created with the database earlier.

Will turn into...

Now click "Submit"
If everything went right, you will go to this window.

Now click "Run the install"

The next part is easy so there's no need to explain it.
Here's an image of it though.

Just click "Install" then "Log In"

There you go! Your WordPress site is now set up! Have fun!